Wine Competition Guide Breath-Taking Vineyards

Wine Competition Guide Breath-Taking Vineyards

Top Breath-Taking Vineyards

The warm buzz of wine is best paired with world-class vistas. From Switzerland to New Zealand, these vineyards will satisfy both your palate and your sense of wonder. Rows of grapes cascade into the ocean, sandstone buttes contrast against summer’s vibrant green vines and the top-notch calibur of wine will have you checking your bags on the flight home.   

1.      Lavaux Vineyards, Switzerland

Lavaux Vineyard, protected by UNESCO, is the largest and most stunning vineyard in Switzerland. The hillside terraces cascade down to a rocky ocean barrier. The vines root deeply at Lavaux: Check out the 16th century winegrowers’ homes. Trekking through the hills of Lavaux will steal your breath, both in amazement and fatigue. On some days, the “Lavaux-Panoramic” train is available to show weary hikers through Lavaux’s World Heritage site.

2.      Rippon Vineyard, New Zealand

The most photographed vineyard in the world will completely distract you from the reason you came: the world-class wines Rippon Vineyard has to offer. As the vineyard’s lush greenery fades into placid Lake Wanaka’s shores with humble mountain peaks majestic along the horizon, you may spend hours gawking before you make it to the tasting room.

3.      Douro Valley Vineyards, Portugal

Northern Portugal’s enchanting wine region runs along the Douro River. Sandeman’s winery offers scenic tours and a modern bar overlooking the river to enjoy the region’s infamous table wine or a refreshing white Port and tonic. Hike up to a hillside overlook for a view of it all from the old chapel. Quinta do Portal is another choice family-owned winery in the area.

4.       Caliterra Colchagua Valley Vineyards, Chile

In the depths of the Colchagua Valley, Caliterra Winery utilizes nutrient-rich soils, the Mediterranean climate and cool Pacific breezes to cultivate and produce high-end red varieties. Chile is the fifth largest exporter of wines in the world for Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Carmenere grapes and more.

5.      Palisades Vineyards, Colorado

Among dramatic sandstone buttes, Palisade wineries prove Colorado as more than just a ski destination. Begin your world-class Colorado vineyard tour with Hermosa Vineyards, Carlson Vineyards Winery and Canyon Wind Cellars. Looking to enjoy the Colorado wilderness as well? Hike through Dominguez Escalante Canyon before you begin your day’s tastings.

6.      Monterosso Vineyards, Italy

Overlooking Italy’s Cinque Terre and the azure Mediterranean Sea, Monterosso’s wild vines are sparsed amongst fresh herbs and wild flowers as they drink in the sea air. Enjoy a wine tasting at historic Enoteca Internazionale, along with olive oils and other products from the area. Pair the rich wine selections with bruschetta, cheeses, salads and desserts.

7.      Napa Valley, California

Napa Valley’s world-class reputation is backed by the rich reds and smooth chardonnays produced among the region. Though people flock from near and far for more than just the vintages and varietals. Napa Valley’s fertile hills and charming farmlands soothe the soul, offering respite among the rural comforts and tranquil allure. 

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