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A Brief History

Created by 31-year-old international wine lifestyle media executive, Jessica Altieri (Founder and CEO of Wine Channel TV Network), Trophy Magazine - 2017 Wine Competition Guide, offers wine enthusiasts, wineries and consumers an invaluable resource for data on wine competitions and award winning wines. Not only does the publication provide extensive competition information for both past and future events, but it also offers the inside scoop from competition organizers, exclusive interviews with renowned judges and extensive wine reviews by experts in the field. Wineries have hundreds of wine competitions to choose from each year, and will now have a single online publication and resource to evaluate, select and showcase their award-winning wines to consumers.

“After years of judging and meeting so many talented industry leaders, I realized there was a need for an online digital publication specifically for competitions said Jessica Altieri. That’s why we created Trophy Magazine - 2017 Wine Competition Guide.”

Trophy Magazine operates under the belief that the secret to a winning wine selection shouldn’t be exclusive. Seeking the best new wines to try? Trophy Magazine features select award winners so that consumers can make educated choices. Winemakers and wineries share their stories so you know just what goes into that perfect sip.